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 At Rivertown Helpers, all of our  candidates are carefully screened, all references are verified and personally interviewed by our senior placement specialist. Once applications are approved only then a candidate will be added to our data base. 


Childcare Providers from our agency are paid a minimum hourly wage of $23  to $30 per hour. Hourly wage will go up for multiple children and depends on job description. 

Baby Nurses and New Born Care Specialist.

Our fee for this Placement is 20% . This fe is for Total hours booked.

This is a Flat rate . 


Please submit $175 with application. This fee is non- refundable.


Our Fee  for FT is $2,900

Our fee for PT is $1500 

 FT/PT. Standard Rate  FT= min 40 hours per week

 PT = min 25-35 hours per week.

Under 25 hours = $1,200. min 12 hours, max 25


If you are looking for one time Chef services please see fees below:

$175 Registration Fee.

Flat rate $$1500. This fee is for chef services for a min of 2 days. More than 2 days?

Please refer to above fee schedule.


Registration fee is non- refundable and will be credited to final invoice

Housekeeping- FT/PT

FT placement fee $2,900

PT placement fee $1500

This service is for a minimum of 25 Plus hours weekly.

If you are looking for once per week, Bi-weekly or monthly, please see fee schedule below. ( contact us)

 25 - 35 hours per week- $1,500

Under 25 hours = $1,200. minimum of 12 hrs max 25

Please submit $175 registration fee. This Fee is non- refundable and will be credited to final invoice

          Elder Care- FT = Min 40 Hours per week

          Elder Care- PT = Min 25 Hours per week

              We charge One Fee for all Placements

FT Placement fees $2,900

 25 -35 hours per week, temporary or One Time:

$1500 Flat rate. (minimum of 2 days)

Under 25 Hrs = $1,200. min12 hours, max 25

$175 registration fee is non- refundable and will be credited to final invoice

 Household Managers-

 Placement fees 

 FT 40 hrs $2,900

 25 -35 hrs = $1500

Under 25 = $1,200. min 12 and max 25

$175 registration fee is non- refundable

Registration Fees are applied to all FT/PT  and Temp Placements.

 $175 credited to final Invoice


After receiving registration fee and sign Agency contract, we will then start to schedule candidates for you to interview!


We charge a FLAT rate for our Full-time and Part-time Placements. We like to keep it simple here at Rivertown Helpers.


FT $ 2,900 - This fee is for 35 to 40 plus hours

PT $1500 - This fee is for 25-30 hours

PT $ 1200 - This fee is for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 25 hours. These services come with a free replacement within 90 days.


Newborn Care Specialist-  20% for total hours booked.


Temporary Placement -  Contact us for details.

Date Nights - $175 Registration Fee. Plus pay agency $40 for placement.

After your initial Registration fee, you will only have a placement fee for date nights, or daily coverage.  Daily coverage will be $50 for the first day and $25 for the second day .

Registration fee $175. Non-refundable

We are proud  to place only highly qualified  individuals. Candidates will have their own unique salary and benefit requirements because they all come with unique experiences. Salary for Household staffing will fall within such guidelines. ( See Below) Please keep in mind, salary ranges are within industry standards. Experienced and qualified candidates who meet the Rivertown Helpers standards has  unique fee requirements. “Executive level” Candidates who may have higher salary requirements will have a proven track record. Please contact us will any additional questions you may have. 

  • Hourly- FT $23- $35 Plus per Hour on a 40+ hour work week. Mon-Fri. Weekends, overnights, holidays, and travel pay will increase. Call us for a more detail and accurate quote

  • Hourly PT $23-35 Plus

​      Per hour not including weekend hours. Weekends, overnights, holidays, and            travel pay will increase. Call us for a more detail and accurate quote.

  • Baby Nurse and New Born care Specialist- Rates will vary and depends on hours worked, nights, 12 or 24 hour shift etc.

  • Contact us for a more detail quote. Our Agency charges a 20% fee for this service. Please see Our Fees for more details.

  • Housekeeping- $25+ per Hour


  • Nannies Min $23 + per hour


  • Chef- $40+ Per Hour

  • House Managers- $35 + per Hour


  • Personal Assistant $35+per Hour


  • Couples/ Estate Managers- $150,000+ Annual Salary


  • Elder Care -20- $30+ per hour


                Examples of higher salary requirements.

                Position may include the following:

  • Multiple Children

  • Teaching degrees

  • Travel, Weekends, Overnight stay

  • A child that may need individual care due to a medical condition. 

  • Multiple Languages

  • Your Flexibility and willingness to accommodate changing schedules and last minute unforeseen circumstances!

Each family will have have their unique schedule and preferences.

Each Candidate will have their preferred salary requirements depending on their experience and PROVEN track record :)

''Its nice finding that place where you can just go and relax''

                                  Moises Arias

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