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A beautiful small, urban backyard garden featuring a tumbled paver patio, flagstone steppi
Available Services

Childcare providers have super powers! Parents need help with busy mornings and evening routines. Nannies will drive to school, activities, coordinate playdates and create a safe and stimulating environment for children . Help with or supervise baths, prepare healthy meals, laundry, engage with age appropriate and educational activities. Salary depends on experience, hours and job duties. 


Nannies can be Full-Time and or Part-Time. Responsibilities are Childcare related ONLY, unless other wise discussed with employers. Schedule and coordinate playdates, baths, laundry, clean and organize rooms, closets. Clean and sanitize toys and play area. Cook and prepare healthy meals and snacks. Indoor and Outdoor play. Reading, Trips to parks, zoos etc - Prepare bottles, feed and diaper change, baths, age appropriate activities, sanitize, bottles, laundry, clean rooms and organize closets. Engage in age appropriate activities.

Our Nannies are paid a Minimum of $23 per Hour starting with one Child. Prices may vary and different for each individual . This will depend on his or her job description.

“If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”


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Housekeepers- Experienced paid professionals. Live-in or out. Days and hours may vary. Cleans and organizes the  home. Our housekeepers are very detailed. Cooking, laundry, making beds are a few of the many tasks a housekeeper can perform.

Please contact us for more details. 

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House Managers/ Personal Assistants

House Manager-  Manages, employees and serves as main point of contact for home owners.  Schedules and coordinate with vendors as needed. Keep up with  maintenance and or projects for the home and office.  

Personal Assistant-Similar to House Manager,

maintain household supply and vendors list. Restock items as needed, monitor home projects as needed. Assist with all daily routines. working close with family on a daily basics.

May include administrative duties, answering phones, errand to banks and post office etc.

Couples- Can be very handy. This position is very common for  live-in accommodations. Couples work as a team . Assisting with indoors such as housekeeping, grocery , errands etc. While outdoors duties will include gardening, care for fine furnishings. Maintain checklist for all season  home care. Chauffer family members, take care of pets if any. May work under the supervision of an Estate Manager. 

Elder care- For your loved ones. Its  awesome  when you are able and willing  to take care of a family member. Our Elder care providers are license and have many years of experience. Our experts are dependable, gentle and caring. They will and can assist with daily activities, outings, companionship. Assist/ supervised baths, medication, grooming, engage and talk about current events. Assist with shopping, prepare meals, drive to appointments. 

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